A Clear Vision for Tennessee

The Equity Alliance Fund, the affiliate 501(c)4 advocacy organization of The Equity Alliance, encourages Black voters to support policies and candidates who will invest in overlooked and underserved communities of color.

From Nashville to Washington, D.C., Tennessee needs leaders who will advocate for Black Americans and other communities of color to have a fair and just opportunity at realizing the American dream.

This year, we are proud to announce our 2023 Tennessee candidate endorsements.

These progressive leaders have a clear vision for a better future for Tennesseans. Under their leadership, constituents will have a chance to earn a good living, send their kids to well-resourced schools and get access to quality healthcare that they need to be well and stay well. These candidates are champions for Black lives and will stand up to greed-fueled special interests and defend us against radical laws that seek to control our communities, suppress our votes, and perpetuate decades of racial injustice.





Jerri Green is a product of the Memphis public schools, graduating from White Station High School. She holds a J.D. from Georgetown University School of Law and a B.A. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she graduated with majors in English and Political Science. She currently serves as is currently Senior Policy Advisor to Mayor Lee Harris where she works on many issues, from Women’s Health and Public Safety to Refugee Assistance and Blight Remediation.

Her work, from ending criminalization of HIV status in the state of Tennessee to providing public transportation for indigent individuals to welcoming Afghan refugees to our community, is always grounded in lifting up those whose voices are all too often ignored.


Pearl "Eva" Walker's extensive work in the community, her focus on energy justice, and her involvement in various initiatives demonstrate her qualifications for elected office.

Walker is deeply involved in the Memphis community and has focused on energy justice. She is an energy justice advocate, writer, and public speaker. Pearl "Eva" Walker's extensive work in the community, her focus on energy justice, and her involvement in various initiatives demonstrate her qualifications for elected office. Her passion for helping her fellow Memphians and her dedication to creating a positive impact on the community make her a strong candidate for the Memphis City Council.



Michalyn was elected Councilwoman for Memphis City Council District 7 because she understands that community comes first, bringing integrity and transparency to this City Council seat. It is the time for engagement over apathy and action over complacency. All of Memphis deserves investment and support to strengthen our community’s economy, safety, and livability. Michalyn will fight to make sure District 7 gets the support it deserves.

She is well experienced in winning resources and community funding through grants and initiatives, and looks forward to using an elevated platform to amplify the voice of the community. She recognizes a better future comes only through action in the present, and we can together build the communities our children deserve through action and advocacy.




Freddie has a track record of putting people over profits, supporting marginalized groups, and investing in Nashville’s future. We believe that Freddie will continue to champion Black lives and work diligently to create a more equitable and sustainable Music City for all.




Delishia Porterfield is an educator, a mother and an activist. She is also a lifelong Tennessean and public servant. In 2019, Delishia won the Special Election for the Metro Council District 29 election. She’s served as the Chair of the Minority Caucus, and as Vice-Chair to the Public Health and Safety Committee, Education Committee, and of Budget and Finance where she worked to pass Nashville’s most progressive budget and make Nashville teachers the highest-paid teachers in the state.



Zulfat Suara was elected as an at-large council member in September 2019. With over 34,000 votes from a diverse population, she became the first Muslim to be elected to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and the first immigrant elected to an at-large position. On council, councilmember Suara has been a fierce advocate for human rights while serving as Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee, Chair of the Education committee, Vice-Chair of the Budget Committee, and Member of the Audit and Personnel/Public Relations Committee. One of her proudest moments was when the council added advocacy centers to all elementary schools to support the social-emotional learning of children.



Olivia Hill was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Olivia has served as a community leader, educating the public about the difficulties faced by women and the LGBTQ+ community. She is frequently invited to speak at many of Nashville’s premiere organizations. Olivia plans to bring the full breath of her experience and leadership skills to Nashville Metro Council. Dedicated to serving the communities she loves, Olivia will not shy away from the effort required to improve our already fabulous city.



Quinn Evans Segall is a Nashville native. Throughout her life, Quin’s family showed her the value of service to others. Quin is the Vice-Chair of Nashville’s Industrial Development Board, where she continually pushes that Board and Metro be more open about deals and to use public financing tools to make people’s lives better through affordable housing, increased parks, greenways and transit options, and encouraging good, middle class jobs. She wants Nashville’s government to serve Nashvillians in the same way Nashvillians show up and serve each other.



Howard Jones is a father, faith leader and veteran school administrator. From his time serving in the juvenile court system to acquiring Kingdom Cafe & Grill, Howard continues to give back to the community through programmatic initiatives committed to improving the life trajectory of marginalized people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has devoted his life to fighting for living-wage jobs, access to affordable housing, food insecurity and an equitable and just public safety system.




Mike Cortese understands the power of community and personal responsibility, and will invest in neighborhoods that have been neglected by the city government for far too long.
He will fight fiercely to make sure every family in Nashville, regardless of their current circumstance, has the opportunity to make tomorrow better than today. Mike’s policy priorities include: keeping Nashville affordable, responsible growth, public safety, resident engagement, mental health and education.

Currently, Mike serves as an Adjunct Professor at Belmont University and an Opportunity Development Manager at Dell Technologies. During the first half of his career, he served as the Director of Client Services & Special Projects for the artist management firm SEG, Inc. Mike and his wife Amy have lived in Nashville for over 22 years.



Eric wants all Nashvillians to work together, no matter who you are, who you voted for, what you look like, or who you love. We’re all neighbors and deserve a seat at the table. Enough division, enough nonsense. Let’s be neighbors again and talk with each other. He strives to make District 11 a model for the rest of the city, and let’s do it together.

His campaign focuses on schools, services and small businesses. Eric strives to bring the attention of local government back to the needs and lives of the people who live in Nashville.



Tasha is a committed leader who will work to make sure the residents of District 29 have their communities, schools, roads and safety taken care of. She will fight for fair access to resources and city services for the community.

Tasha’s political career began as volunteer at the Tennessee Democratic Party. She eventually landed a full time job as the office manager. After a few years, she branched out and started working as a legal assistant at TN’s leading civil rights and labor law firm, Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison. Working with George “Citizen” Barrett opened her eyes to the daily struggles of U.S. citizens. Day after day, Mr. Barrett worked on behalf of the underdog and was not afraid to go toe-to-toe with our state’s most powerful sectors on behalf of his clients. Tasha’s dedication to putting her community first is what inspired her the decision to run for city council. Her values of hard work, kindness, and integrity are the cornerstones and will guide her work if she is elected to represent District 29.

About The Equity Alliance Fund:

The Equity Alliance Fund is a fierce advocate for social justice and equity. Our mission is to address structural racism, create equitable opportunities, and empower marginalized communities. Our purpose is crystal clear: to create transformative change and amplify the voices that deserve to be heard.

Join the Movement:

We understand the power of direct engagement, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our Street TEAm: Boots on the Ground Democracy Defenders. This initiative is all about taking to the streets and being present on the ground, ensuring that every member of our community has an equal opportunity to engage in the civic process.

What We Do:

As a proud member of the Street TEAm, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Knock on doors, engage with our neighbors, and have meaningful conversations about the importance of voting.

  • Be a presence at local community events, sharing crucial information and inspiring discussions on the issues that truly matter.

  • Join our phone banking efforts, connecting with fellow community members, and encouraging them to exercise their right to vote.

Why Join:

This is about more than just endorsing a specific candidate or political party. This is about guaranteeing that every voice, no matter the background, has a chance to be heard. By joining our Street TEAm, you'll be at the forefront of driving change, promoting equity, and shaping Tennessee's voter turnout story.

Be the Change Maker:

Become a Boots on the Ground Democracy Defender and help us rewrite history by transforming Tennessee's voter turnout landscape. Together, we can build a stronger democracy that ensures every community member has the opportunity to participate and shape the future.

Ready to take action? Reach out to us at [Email Address] or visit our website at [Website Link] to sign up for the Street TEAm: Boots on the Ground Democracy Defenders. Join us as we hit the streets, educate our community about what's on the ballot, and empower everyone to make their voices heard at the ballot box – all while earning up to $25.00 per hour.

This is about us. This is about our community. This is about making a difference.


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