Thank you for your interest in seeking endorsement from The Equity Alliance Fund.

We are committed to supporting candidates who align with our mission of addressing structural racism, promoting equity, and empowering marginalized communities.

Candidates seeking an endorsement must complete the candidate questionnaire linked below at least one month prior to the election date.

If you have questions, please email:

Equity Alliance Fund Candidate Endorsement Process:

Initial Application and Questionnaire:

Candidates interested in seeking endorsement from The Equity Alliance Fund will be required to submit an initial application along with a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire will focus on the candidate's alignment with the organization's mission, their stance on key equity and social justice issues, and their plans for promoting change within marginalized communities.

Review and Evaluation:

The Equity Alliance Fund's endorsement committee will review and evaluate the submitted applications and questionnaires. Each application will be carefully assessed based on the candidate's responses, qualifications, and commitment to advancing equity and justice.

Interview Stage:

Selected candidates will proceed to the interview stage, where they will have the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with members of The Equity Alliance Fund's endorsement committee. These interviews will provide a platform for candidates to elaborate on their positions, share specific policy proposals, and answer additional equity and community empowerment questions.

Community Engagement and Input:

The Equity Alliance Fund will actively seek input and feedback from community members, partner organizations, and local stakeholders. Community engagement sessions may include town halls, forums, and focus groups to gather insights on the candidates and their potential impact on marginalized communities.

Candidate Forum:

The Equity Alliance Fund will organize a candidate forum or town hall event where candidates can address the community, share their vision, and answer questions directly from constituents. This forum will promote transparency and allow voters to make informed decisions.

Final Evaluation and Selection:

Based on the candidate's application, questionnaire, interview performance, community input, and alignment with The Equity Alliance Fund's mission, the endorsement committee will make final recommendations for endorsement. Endorsed candidates will have demonstrated a strong commitment to equity, justice, and community empowerment.

Announcement of Endorsements:

The Equity Alliance Fund will publicly announce the endorsed candidates, highlighting their qualifications and alignment with the organization's values. Endorsement statements will be shared through press releases, social media, and other communication channels.


Endorsed candidates will have access to resources, training, and support from The Equity Alliance Fund. The organization may assist with grassroots mobilization, volunteer recruitment, voter education, and other activities.

Ongoing Engagement:

Endorsed candidates will be expected to maintain regular communication with The Equity Alliance Fund, providing updates on policy initiatives and community engagement efforts. The organization may continue to offer guidance and support on key issues. 

The Equity Alliance Fund’s endorsement process is designed to identify and support candidates who share a genuine commitment to equity, justice, and community well-being. Through a comprehensive evaluation, engagement with the community, and collaborative support, endorsed candidates will embody the values and aspirations of The Equity Alliance Fund.

2024 Endorsement Communications Timeline
for the March 5, Primary Election

January 18:
Endorsement Communications Begins

January 22: Voter Registration Deadline TWO WEEKS AWAY

January 29: Voter Registration Deadline ONE WEEK AWAY

February 5: Voter Registration Deadline

February 6-12: TEAF Endorsement Interviews

February 9: TEAF Endorsement Application Deadline

February 14: Early Voting Begins

February 27: Early Voting Ends, Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot

March 5: Super Tuesday, Election Day


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